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Dabu Collection

“Dabu” is an ancient block printing technique from Rajasthan, India. “Dabu” printing is very labor intensive and it involves several stages of printing and dyeing. The critical step involves use of mud, which makes this print so unique. Ingredients like mud, gum, lime and waste wheat chaff are combined to make the “Dabu” or mud paste which is then patted over certain parts of the design. The paste is dried with sprinkled sawdust. This protects the parts of the fabric from the dye used later creating a unique and colorful effect. This collection features prints dyed in Indigo.

Thank you for helping us save this art and the artisans!

The Dabu dyeing and stitching process can occasionally result in slight variations in garment dimensions especially in our leggings and capri products.  Choosing a larger size than your regular size ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes the risk of any potential tightness or discomfort.

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